Lets get personal.


After all how do I expect you to open up to me if I don't open up to you. 


I was a baby once: I was born and raised here in Sacramento California. I have to ask my brothers and sister but I think I am my mothers favorite.

I am married: I am a proud husband to the most beautiful and caring wife.

I have 4 dogs: When not documenting others I am usually getting up and down from my desk to let my dogs out into the yard. With a combined total of 16 feet, during the winter it could be a long process trying to keep the floors clean. 

                                                                           Our Christmas Card!

                                                                           Our Christmas Card!

I like to have fun: I am not sure if I have ever grown up. But if I do, I don't see the fuss Peter Pan had with it.

I prefer romantic movies to "action packed" one: I have no idea how this happened but I do know my mother always forced me to watch a lot of romantic comedies. My two favorite actors are Tom Hanks and Emma Thompson.

Steak over Chicken: If given the option, I choose steak.


Why Photography?

I did not choose photography, photography chose me. Taking photos was not even a thought that crossed my mind. However, soon after my wife and I started dating we began taking trips out of town and purchased a camera from our local Best Buy. That's it, it is that simple. I bought a camera and life blossomed around me. 


Why Wedding Photojournalism?

This is the most important thing you can know about me when it comes to photography. I was really shy growing up. During the dances I would stand against the wall and watch those around me have fun. At parties I would watch those around me fall in love. At school I would watch those around me experience life. Sound depressing? For my teenage self it kind of was. However, if given the chance to do it all over again I wouldn't change a thing. Little did I know I spent my early years sharpening my ability to understand peoples emotion. I was honing over and over the ability to read a situation to the point where I knew what was going to happen before any else did. I developed an ability to understand someone by overhearing a few lines of a conversation they had. This is why naturally I gravitated towards wedding photojournalism. It allows me to exercise that muscle I developed in my earlier years. Couple this with a romantic and exciting occasion such as a wedding and you have the perfect storm. One in which I would rather be nowhere else.



Hopefully I have given you some kind of insight into myself. Feel free to go back and review my Candids page now that you know more about the mindset of the photographer who took them.