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. My purpose behind the camera is to capture people in the most authentic way possible. This is why I photograph in a truly candid manner. My storytelling style leads to emotional photos that go beyond pretty and places you into the moment. Grab a glass of wine, coffee, or tea, and enjoy these little stories with me.



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As a fan of love songs and love stories it only makes sense that I would be a wedding photographer. For 10 years I have had the privilege of photographing people, and as of writing this, am just as excited as the first time I took a picture. Photography has brought me into the lives of so many people. I watch their families grow and even become part of them myself. I have seen nervously excited couples getting ready, I have seen them cry after saying I do, and I have witnessed them party the night away as their families become one. I am forever grateful for what photography has given me.

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Over the years I have learned that weddings are unique. Not only are they your own personal story, but the inner workings call for different amounts of time and resources to capture the essence of the day. Inquire below and I will be happy to connect with you on my pricing and availability.

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